Have you ever heard of Vido and Pontikonisi islands? Now it's time to explore them! It is the perfect destination for history enthusiasts. Our journey begins from the Old Port of Corfu Town,  sailing towards Vido Island which is right opposite. Vidos Island is a monumental place since the Siege of Corfu and the 1st and 2nd World War have left their marks on the small island's premises. Apart from the human touches, the island is a natural habitat for many unique species of animal. You can find the famous Perdika (similar to a grouse) and rabbits, as well as other bird species. You have the opportunity to swim, discover local wildlife and visit the Serbian Mausoleum in memory of the Serbian soldiers, who died during the 1st World War. 

From Vidos you have a wonderful view of the old town with the imposing Old Fortress, which is our next stop! It
 was built by the Venetians and retains up to this day its noble character. Onwards, we move to the most representative location of Corfu, which is Pontikonisi Island. Pontikonisi means “Mouse Island”, because it's shape from the top resembles a mouse. Despite its small size, it offers a lavish landscape with tall, green trees.  On the island, you can buy handicraft products from the local shop or visit the Byzantine Church of Saint Pantokrator.

Our trip comes to an end, sailing back to the Old Port.

Duration: 4 hours
Distance:  6 NM
Included: Fuel, Crew, Wi-Fi, Fruits, Snacks, Beverages & Wine (1 bottle per 4
pax), Coffee & Beach Towels